LMC Star (200301033706 (636127-H))

A super brand in the beverage manufacturing business in worldwide.

Our 5Es are all meant to serve Y.O.U. Each and every one of us at LMC STAR holds our values close to our hearts.

Enthusiasm for Caring. The old cliché is true: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” We feel everyday how valuable our customers are to us, and we are prepared to understand and care for our customers wants and needs.

Enthusiasm for Changes. Change creates the competitive power. Change requires strong willpower and only those who are robust can produce a valuable outcome. We pursue this enthusiasm for change to meet the demand of an ever-changing industry.

Enthusiasm for Challenge. Enthusiasm for challenge means the challenge of pursuing a better future. Those who are afraid of challenges miss the true meaning of life. We always explore ways to make tomorrow better than today.
Enthusiasm for Commitment. Enthusiasm for commitment is between LMC STAR and you. It’s about the passion to provide the best quality of product and service to our valuable customer.

To be a leader in customizable, on-demand beverage solutions across any industry in Malaysia, the region and ultimately the world.